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Binoqular, a product of Creative Blanc

Creative Blanc is the parent company of several projects focused on fashion, creativity and raising awareness.
Our purpose is to co-create this world to make it a more pleasant experience for all of us who live in it, with the help of people and companies from different fields and points of view that express themselves through creativity, research and all kinds of art.
With the help of the most visionary minds of the world, Creativeblanc is happy to collaborate with projects that involve creativity, innovation and expand consciousness.



Creative Blanc emerged in 2018 in Mexico as an idea of the founder Marbella Luján Silva, graduated in Business Administration and entrepreneurship as well as a career in Optometry, specializing in fashion marketing in Milan, Italy and numerous courses in psychology and design.

She decided to create a community of creative people from all over the world, who share the same philosophy and unity of Creative Blanc.

"Throughout my life, I have known people from different perspectives and ways of thinking. I love seeing the magic and the potential that each one of us has. I love creative people who express themselves through art and creativity and I want to build a team of people that are in love with life and crazy enough to highly believe their creations are going to change the universal consciousness."





We are a small company composed of highly creative and visionary people.
What we are looking for is to work with people with the same philosophy as Creative Blanc and / or people who want to be part of our projects and can provide us with their creative skills (photography, design, story telling, new products, music, ideas, etc.) We believe in globalization and we are open to work with people from other countries and listening to projects and skills from other points of view. So if you think you have the same philosophy of us, do not hesitate to contact us.


xx, Marbella 

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¿Que tipo de lentes me quedan mejor en base a mi tipo de cara?

¿Que tipo de lentes me quedan mejor en base a mi tipo de cara?

Yoga + Surf + FREE Binoqular Sunglasses

Yoga + Surf + FREE Binoqular Sunglasses




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